Question   Where do I start?
 Start by entering an NIT Number and/or any Text included in the Scope of Work, in the Search Box. You can narrow your search by selecting when the NIT was issued from the ‘Posted in Last’ box.

You can also click on the New NIT link in the ‘NIT Summary’ box.

 Question   What is meant by Live NIT?
 Live NITs are those NITs for which the Tender Document Sale Close Date has not expired. NITs for which the Tender Document Sale Close Date is within the last 7 days are also included in this category.

For quick access, you can click on the Live NIT link in the 'NIT Summary' box.

 Question   What are New NIT?
 NITs posted/published in the last 7 days are categorised as "New NITs".

For quick access, you can click on the New NIT link in the 'NIT Summary' box.

 Question   For how many days is Archive maintained?
 The archive has been built up from April 01, 2001. Normally, it will contain data for the past 1 year.

PDF File  Download NITs issued between April 2001 and June 2001.

 Question   What is the difference between an NIT and a Job?
 An NIT may contain one or more job(s) belonging to the same or different Contract Classifications, but they will have the same Tender Document Sale Close Date. You can view all the jobs in an NIT by clicking on the NIT Number, wherever it appears.

 Question   How are Corrigendum displayed?
 Any NIT with a corrigendum will be indicated with a "Corrigendum" marker NIT with Corrigendum adjacent to it. The details of a Corrigendum are displayed just above the original NIT Text, which can be viewed by clicking on the "View NIT Details" icon View NIT Details.

For quick access, you can click on the NITs with Corrigendum link in the 'NIT Summary' box.

 Question   Is Member Registration mandatory? What are the advantages of registering on the site?
 Member Registration is not mandatory for general access.

However, it you choose to register, you can mention your preference(s) of Contract Classifications and/or Sources of NITs. Registered users also have the option of subscribing to notification, each time a new NIT in their chosen Contract Classifications is published on the site, through an automated email. Upon logging in, when you click on ‘My NITs’ only your preferred NIT(s) will be displayed.

PDF File  Read more about user registration.

Other advantages for registered members are listed in the Services section.

 Question   How do I reach NTPC offices across the country?
 A list of the nearest Railway Stations nearest together with the distances and onward journey to various NTPC offices across the country can be viewed online. Click here to view the list.

 Question   What is the format of the date mentioned on the site?

The date across the site is mentioned in the DD/MM/YYYY format, except at places mentioned otherwise.


 Question   What is e-Tender
 To know more about e-Tender click here